Crowdlounge #06 – Crowdinvesting zur Unternehmensfinanzierung: Wie schützt und vermarktet man Unternehmensideen im Prozess des Crowdfunding – 16th April 2013 – Berlin

The sixth Crowdlounge discussed Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and startups and how to protect intellectual property rights in Crowdfunding.

Crowdlounge #05 – Crowdfunding für Unternehmen in der Kreativwirtschaft – Mit kleinen und großen Summen erfolgreich – 14th March 2013 – Berlin

The fifth Crowdlounge discussed Crowdfunding from the perspective of entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

#Crowdlounge 04 – Erfolgreich Crowdfunding in Brandenburg – Crowdfunding als alternative Finanzierungsmöglichkeit – Cottbus

The fourth Crowdlounge discussed strategies for movie makers and designers in Crowdfunding.

Crowdlounge #01 – Crowdfunding goes international – 30th October 2012 – Berlin

The first Crowdlounge discusses success factors for international Crowdfunding campaigns. Partners are  ikosom, Artwert and the Regional Office Berlin/Brandenburg of the Competence Center for the Creative Industries of the German Government.

Save Bob is the first project to be presented – the Crowdfunding Campaign is run by Carrie Hampel, a Berlin-based writer and producer.

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